Passionate about creating, communicating, and navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, I am a marketing professional with a background in journalism and extensive experience in blogging and managing online communities.

Ever since I built my first website at the age of 10 (chronicling the adventures of my pet guinea pigs) I've been closely engaged with a variety of digital communities, using them to channel my passion for creation. As well as launching and maintaining a blog with over 53,000 followers for over seven years, I'm also an occasional freelance writer with an MA in journalism. You can read my work in a variety of publications such as Grazia, Parallel Magazine and Unwinnable Monthly.

I do this alongside my full-time role as Head of Marketing at Nottingham High School, where my work covers a range of areas including advertising, social media, events, outreach and press. 

 Want to hire me? I am available for freelance marketing and social media consultancy work, as well as feature writing on a variety of topics. Let's talk.